Just an Army Veteran who learned the joy of cigars while serving my country! It was the consummate way to unwind with my fellow Soldiers.  It was a piece of heaven in stressful times and brought sanity back to life after a rough day.

Cigars have become my passion.  Not just because they taste good, but because of what they represent.  I associate a cigar with the moments that captivate me and  the people that are part of special moments.  Cigars are what bind us to the memories we create and the friendships that enrich our lives.

This passion has led to a desire to share, provide reviews, and publish some fun articles and “stuff” that focuses on the Cigar Life but from the eyes of a Woman Cigar Afi”she”onado!

Me and Monte!
Getting friendly with my Montecristo Media Noche!

Please join me as we stay smokey together and let’s make some memories – You, Me and Our Cigars!

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