Hurricane Harvey and Going to Church

You would have to be sitting under a rock somewhere to not know that there is an extreme natural disaster occurring in Texas right now.  Hurricane Harvey hit land with a vengeance Friday night and although the troublesome fellow is now down-graded to a Tropical Storm, the worst is still coming.

Moving at a snail’s pace of about one mile per hour, Harvey is dumping water the likes which as not been seen in the US, perhaps ever, unless you count Noah and his Ark.  Flooding is a given and the accompanying dangers involved with that flooding is gaining ground as the rain persists.  Thousands are stranded and needing rescue while first responders willingly go out to help while continuing to put their own lives in peril.


All of this is happening in real time as I sit on my deck in Southern New Jersey enjoying perhaps the best weather of the season so far.  Sunny, breezy and no humidity, I am stationed outside soaking up this gift from God for the entire weekend.  The only downturn is that I feel absolutely helpless knowing that there is nothing that I can do to help our Texan brothers and sisters, including one dear brother who is part of the Cigar Dojo Sub Group, The Seasoned Samurai that I am privileged to belong to.  He’s also a first responder LEO so he is working non-stop and while helping others has to worry about his own family and friends.  There seems to be nothing I can do…….or is there?

Have you ever heard the term “going to church” in relation to smoking cigars?  As we know, cigars’ early ancestors were used for spiritual ceremonies and rituals.  Their origin is based upon the experience of connecting our souls to something bigger than us.  No matter what religion you may or may not be, I believe that all true Cigar lovers have had those cigar moments that we can only deem as spiritual.  We smoke and we think. We smoke and we reflect.  We smoke and we gather to share our thoughts and feelings.  We smoke and we raise each other’s spirits through laughter.  We smoke and we pray.  That is all as close as one can get to church.

The word “church” has many synonyms which I find quite appropriate for the situation we find ourselves in.  Sanctuary, mission, a body of persons and fold, to name a few.  If you are a person who attends a brick and mortar church then you may already be involved in collective prayer for Texas right now.  However, in the privacy of our own sanctuaries (that’s what I consider my home), we can “go to church” and we can smoke our cigars while lifting up our brothers and sisters and communities that are being affected by Harvey.  We can do a lot through prayer.

The oft recited bible verse, Matthew 18:20 – “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”  There is no more appropriate statement about cigar smokers all over the United States gathering in mind and spirit to lift up our BOTL/SOTLs during this time.  We are one of the largest “churches” in existence and when we take the time to go back to the roots of the cigar lifestyle and we become a network of people who truly CAN do something!

So to all my brothers and sisters of the leaf; get those cigars out.  Smoke and think.  Smoke and fellowship.  But mostly smoke and pray for Texas and their safety.

Finally, to those who are in the midst of this event, we ARE praying for you.  There is power in numbers and there is power in unified thought.  Whether you believe in God or not, we can all believe that sending positive thoughts in a concerted effort can have power, if not in action, in letting the people in the path of trouble know that they are loved, cared about and thought about.

Until next time,

Stay Smokey and Be Blessed.  I know I am!

Queen Of Cigars