Lazy, Hazy, Cigar Days of Summer

Yes four season folks…….the last days of summer are upon us.  Time seems to fly by so quickly and it seems like just yesterday that I was itching to get outside and smoke some cigars on my deck without the need for a heater while bundled up for the cold.

I revere these last days.  It’s a magical time when the weather is still hot during the day but the evenings bring on just a hint of what is to come in the fall.  This is the time that us north eastern folks and others who endure long hard winters, start to think enviously of our west coast and southern BOTLs and SOTLs. I understand that there are days that are entirely too hot outside for our warm weathered friends, but I’m sure if the math was done, they surely get a few more good days outside for herfing than us four season brothers and sisters.  They, unlike us, get to enjoy cigars outdoors during the months that we stare longingly out our windows and remember the smokes of summer past.

This evening I am smoking the AJ Fernandez “Last Call” and I’m reminded that this is the time of the last days of the Summer of 2017.  Another season, another year, has ripped by us and we are already starting to think about the fall holidays that will be upon us before we know it!

Instead of shedding tears, I am focusing on the ways that I have made my humble abode “cigar friendly” for the cooler months ahead.  As autumn begins to set in, I move out to my fire pit in the backyard.  My evenings consist of loading up some fire wood and sitting by a roaring pit while sipping a drink and enjoying a few cigars.  As much as I might miss the summer nights, I am glad to enjoy the mesmerising flames of a fire while staying cozy and content with my sticks.

That time seems to go quickly too and before you know it we are facing Christmas, New Years and the onset of winter.  I’ll still get the occasional fire going when we are lucky enough to get milder temperatures, but I have to be ready for the evenings after work when it is just a little too cold on the tooshy to sit by a fire.

That’s where my “Gal Cave” comes in.  I am converting an ordinary shed into a safe haven for watching Football and being protected from the elements.  There is still much to be done in order to make my “Cave” habitable in colder temps, but some insulation, a vent, electric heat, electric for TV and a closed door and windows, makes Cigar Life a whole lot more enjoyable as the temperatures take a downturn.  I will get plenty of use out of my “Cave” over the fall and winter months!

Bitter cold presents a bigger problem for the four seasons gang.  It’s difficult to be out in any environment when it’s 30 degrees and colder.  That’s where my “temp” smoking lounge comes into play.  Yes, I have a finished basement that is fixed up with a large 50 inch TV, a couple of recliners and a few other creature comforts that make for a relaxing time.  A good air filter and some air freshener spray is a huge help and I am able to conservatively smoke without making my entire house smell like an ashtray.

By that time, you guessed it, I am already contemplating the first early days of spring and being able to hit the outside deck again!  Winter feels like it has been forever, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the thoughts of being outside after work and on the weekends makes my palette yearn for those delicious herf times that are coming.

So there you have it folks!  The life of a four season cigar smoker.  We survive and we smoke our beloved cigars in spite of what Mother Nature may hand us.

Oh yes, and when all else fails…..take a long drive in your car…..and turn up the heat!  Where there’s a desire for a cigar, there’s a way to do it!

Until next time,

Stay Smokey and Be Blessed!  I know I am!

Queen of Cigars

6 thoughts on “Lazy, Hazy, Cigar Days of Summer”
  1. Excellent words. Two seasons here, hot and cold, unless you count hurricane season, then it’s three, lol.

  2. Four seasons in the mile high city. Thankfully I have an insulated and headed garage that my wife loves to keep around 60 degrees. I have tv and music or there along with a motorcycle to tinker with all winter long while I herf.

  3. The wife and I have our little 6’x6′ tent. It can get a little drafty, but we bundle up in blankets and have a little heater that does a pretty good job. When it gets really cold and windy the wife will lift the no smoking rule in the house. A good air purifier (Rabbit Air) and plenty of Febreeze and we are good in a day or two. Heres to moving to a one season region 10 years to go. Nicely written SOTL.

  4. So if you have more than one Rabbit Air in the house do they quickly multiply? Lol

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